An Empty Sparking Light - Liquid Casing (2653 hits)
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Release : Dec. 2007
   | Year : 2007
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It's the elephant in the corner that goes unrecognized. With their most recent album, An Empty Sparking Light, Liquid Casing has swung the spotlight on the power that corporate media holds over art and politics. The album at its musical core is not a string of unrelated musings, but rather, an expansive set of 10 striking songs interwoven through interludes and interviews. The sound is more intimate and intense even in its subtle moments (Phase Lag Differential and Silent Treatment). At its bombastic best (La Tierra), the guitars and sax interweave fierce solos and an immense groove. Lyrically, An Empty Sparking Light, is unapologetic in challenging the status quo with the media, "we are no longer swayed/by the darling media's sweaty, groping hands" (Lights Out). This album is about dynamics, movement and does not fit nicely into the confines of post-punk or jazz or experimental or prog-rock. It is all of these things, it is none of these things.


Red Flag
Hijacked Frequencies
Silent Treatment
In a Sea of Satellites
Phase Lag Differential
Sync Anomaly - Source Signal Catastrophe
Sync Anomaly - A Noise in the Machine
Sync Anomaly - Convergence
Lights Out
La Tierra

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